Student Transportation

Transportation of students of 黑料社区app and our three coterminous boards, is provided through a coterminous sharing agreement, resulting in maximum efficiency and cost savings.

From the agreement, the East of Thunder Bay Transportation Consortium was created to provide all aspects of transportation, to each of the member boards, based on common policy, equal service, and maximum safety to all students, regardless of which school or board they are from.  Information regarding the East of Thunder Bay Transportation Consortium can be found at .


Contact information for the Consortium is:

Brandon Boldt - Transportation Coordinator
East of Thunder Bay Transportation Consortium
PO Box 477, Red Rock, ON, P0T 2P0
Local: (807) 700-4926
Fax: (807) 886-2123


For bus cancellations:

Please click on for up to date route information

If you are looking for the 黑料社区app policy for transportation please look under Board Policies .  For policies of the other member boards, please go to their websites, or send an email to the relevant link below.

Questions regarding transportation should be first raised to the school principal where the child attends.


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