Student Achievement Plan

 On July 28, 2023, the Ministry of Education made changes in support of the Better Schools and Student Outcomes Act, 2023, including a new regulation that sets priorities for student achievement in Ontario. The plan includes goals and measures that all school boards across Ontario must use to track student achievement, engagement, and well-being. 

School boards must also use this information to create action plans for improving outcomes for students related to achievement in core academic skills, preparations for future success, and engagement and well-being.  This plan is a way for school boards to share data and goals with the public.  

Student Achievement Plan (PDF)

The priorities are:

•         Achievement of Learning Outcomes in Core Academic Skills

•         Preparation of Students for Future Success

•         Student Engagement and Well-Being. 

As part of this new regulation the Ministry released the Student Achievement Plan framework to school boards. This framework is aligned with the student achievement priorities listed above. The framework sets out goals and performance indicators for school boards to measure student achievement, develop action plans and monitor their progress on levelling up student outcomes.

To provide this information to local communities and in alignment with the Education Act (Subsection 169.1(4)), school boards are required to publish plans on their webpages each school year, in a form requested by the Minister. You will see school boards will be using a common template to publicly report on progress made in relation to the provincial student achievement priorities. This ensures that the format and information shared are consistent thus meeting the goals of transparency and accountability to families and communities.

The Student Achievement Plan Report will be available on our Board website each year, by April 2nd.


Student Achievement Plan Public Report

The Student Achievement Plan Report is divided into two sections. The first one is a summary report, which shares provincial results for each performance indicator. This section provides results for your 黑料社区app as well as the provincial results for each performance indicator. The purpose of this summary is to provide parents, guardians, students and local communities with a snapshot of how our school board is performing as compared to the province, across indicators under key provincial priorities.

The second section includes sections for school boards to share additional local data for individual performance indicators, that align with the priorities. Such as providing additional local data and action plan information for each provincial priority. Within each of these provincial priority areas school boards will add their own information based on local data and from their action plans for each of the goals.  For each provincial priority you will see three sections: Additional School Board Measures, How Our School Board Performs and Actions our School Board will Take to Improve.

The sections Additional School Board Measures and How Our School Board Performs are optional for boards and are based on local data that they are using to measure progress on a specific goal and priority that are responsive to the diverse needs of boards' local communities. 黑料社区app is not reporting on local data this year as we focus on refining and enhancing our data collection and sharing tools.

The third section, Actions our School Board will Take to Improve, include 黑料社区app's strategies that will be implemented in the next three years to improve student outcomes. These strategies are in response to identified trends, interpretation of findings and opportunities that have been identified through engagement with school communities, such as ongoing Community consultation, Feast and Feedback and Our School Survey.


Student Achievement Plan

The Student Achievement Plan is a framework established by the Ministry of Education to enhance student success and well-being across the province. It focuses on priority areas such as improving Literacy and Math outcomes, preparing students for future success, and promoting student engagement and well-being. It is a plan that that outlines what actions Boards are taking to address the priorities and progress made.

Achievement of Learning Outcomes in Core Academic Skills

There are two areas in this priority. The first focus is on improving students' Literacy learning and achievement. The second, focuses on improving students' Math learning and achievement.

Preparation of Students for Future Success

                This area focuses on improving graduation rates and preparedness for future success.

Student Engagement and Well-Being

This area focuses on improving students' participation in class time and learning (attendance and engagement) and improve student well-being.

Performance Indicator

A performance indicator is a way of measuring performance. In Education, we use performance indicators and success in those areas to identify areas for improvement, track student growth overtime and tailor interventions to meet the diverse needs of learners.