Special Education

The 黑料社区app will provide the best education possible within its means for each of its students.  The Board supports a philosophy of integration within the schools provided that it meets the needs of the student and is in accordance with parent/guardianal wishes.  Our basic premise is that all teachers share responsibility to meet the needs of all students.  Students with exceptionalities within the board's jurisdiction (regardless of exceptionality) can access services through placement in:

  • The regular classroom setting;
  • The regular classroom setting with resource services to the classroom teacher or student;
  • The regular classroom setting with the assistance of a special education support person;
  • The regular classroom setting with resource assistance or resource withdrawal from a special education resource teacher when deemed necessary; or
  • A self-contained classroom for a portion of the day with integration into the regular classroom.

The placement goal for all students with exceptionalities is to keep them as close to the regular classroom program as possible with appropriate special education programs and services in place when/where
deemed necessary. The ultimate goal will be inclusion in the regular classroom, with withdrawal of students to develop specific skills necessary for meaningful inclusion and specialized support to meet the goals of the IEP.

Through their learning experiences, students develop a sense of self-worth and dignity as members of the school community and are able to make a useful contribution in a complex and changing society. Inherent in these beliefs is the recognition that all students, regardless of exceptionality, are entitled to an education in the most enabling and supportive environment. 

Special Education Plan 2024-2025 (.PDF) 

Our Inclusive Approach to Special Education

Our Board actively promotes inclusion programming, where students with special needs fully participate in the life of the school community.  Wherever possible, students are educated in regular classrooms with age-appropriate peers. Inclusion is the student's feeling of belonging, in a community of learning that honours equality, student diversity and respect. This commitment is shared with the Special Education Advisory Committee of the 黑料社区app.

As a result of our inclusive approach to special education, the program delivery is rooted in a seamless approach to service students with special education needs from Early Years to graduation.


Below is a compilation of published reports and publications pertaining to Special Education.