Reimagining Learning


What is Reimagining Learning?

Education at 黑料社区app is about teaching the skills that are important to the future of students in today's fast changing world.  That means we are focused on doing what is best for kids. This means we are focused on creating environments that are inclusive.  School is not a one size fits all model anymore. It's about everybody getting what they need to succeed. 

Understanding each student's individuality and needs is how we ensure that diversity is acknowledged and celebrated within our educational communities.  Our focus is on offering learning opportunities that will prepare students for future opportunities.

Students working on laptop

What does Reimagining learning look like?

At 黑料社区app learning opportunities can look like experiential learning opportunities where students explore the world through interactive learning experiences. These can include field trips, inquiry based projects, leadership opportunities, COOP, OYAP and many other experiences. When students are participating hands-on interactive activities they are engaged in active learning.

Reimagining learning looks like accepting others, celebrating talents and gifts and encouraging students to develop their strengths.

Technology is used to meet the needs of diverse students. It also opens opportunities for students to learn different ways of communicating, use technology to access learning and to create new things.

student building prototype windmills

How does this benefit students?

By moving away from traditional approaches that are centered on academic achievement alone and moving towards building skills such as those that enable students to problem solve, collaborate, investigate and be innovative we are creating opportunities for all students to succeed and reach their individual potential.

Students gardening

Interested in learning more?

Connect with us!

Parents, Guardians and Community members can support reimagining learning by getting involved. We value your voice. Your voice helps us to better understand the needs of students. Connect with us through Parent Engagement Committee, Feast and Feedback gatherings and school councils.