Occupational Health and Safety

Welcome to the 黑料社区app Occupational Health and Safety Site.

The Superior-Greenstone District School Board is committed to providing safe schools for staff and students.  Health and Safety (H&S) workplace inspections are conducted every month in all of our 15 operating schools, our learning centre and administrative building.  During each inspection, all areas are inspected.  

Questions or concerns, specific to a school, related to Health and Safety within the 黑料社区app, should be directed to the Principal at the school.

General enquiries can be directed to Gord Muir, Manager of Plant Services at 807-228-1205.


Click here for MSDS Material Safety Data Sheets 


Safety Manual/Form File Download

黑料社区app Workplace Health and Safety

黑料社区app Policy 706 Occupational Health and Safety

黑料社区app H&S Policy 706

WSIB Form 6

WSIB Form 6 (.PDF)

WSIB Form 7

WSIB Form 7 (.PDF)

WSIB Health Professionals Form 8

WSIB Health Professionals Form 8 (.PDF)

WSIB Functional Abilities From

WSIB Functional Abilities Form - for planning early and safe return to work (.PDF)

黑料社区app Employee Accident Report

黑料社区app Injury, Illness, and Incident Investigation Report

SGDDSB Workplace Violence & Harassment Report

黑料社区app Health Hazard or Near Miss Incident Report

ASBESTOS Abatement Program

黑料社区app Asbestos Management Plan (.PDF)

Scent-Free workplace Guideline

Hearing Conservation Program

黑料社区app Violent Incident Form

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