Long Term Occasional Teacher Evaluation

WELCOME to the link for information on the LONG TERM OCCASIONAL TEACHER EVALUATION - September 2013.  You will find beneficial information, forms, and resources just a click away!!

As per Ministry requirements, September 2013 begins the implementation of mandatory evaluations for Long Term Occasional Teachers.  The Ministry made OT evaluations mandatory in order to ensure high quality teaching and education in all classrooms.  The evaluation is derived from the Ontario College of Teachers’ Standards of Practice for the Teaching Profession and the Teacher Performance Appraisal.   Although similar to the TPA for new and experienced teachers there are differences in the process and the forms.   For example - there are fewer and more generalized performance expectations than required for the permanent teacher TPA.  This is in recognition of the circumstances and continuum of development of an LTO.   But the goals of the evaluation are similar to those of a TPA.  One way these goals are achieved is via the discussions that occur throughout the process. 

A committee was established to determine a process for teachers in 黑料社区app.   The 黑料社区app process outlined in our manual provides the opportunity for a teacher to complete the requirements of the regulation.  As well, the 黑料社区app plan and templates are based on the Ministry requirements and templates.  The Ministry initiative is called the Occasional Teacher Evaluation but our committee has used the term Long Term Occasional Teacher Evaluation to clarify that the evaluation process applies only to teachers on an extended LTO contract.  

The mandatory evaluations carry importance for those occasional teachers wishing to apply for any permanent positions in a board. NOTE:  The LTO Evaluation does not count as a TPA that is required for permanent teachers.  Nor does it not exempt a new teacher from the NTIP evaluation requirements. 

The manual has two parts:  Part One is the process to follow and Part Two is the Appendices with helpful information for both the evaluator and teacher.  Part One also has a list of definitions for 14 terms used in the manual i.e. formal observation, observation, professional judgment.


Information on the LTO Teacher Evaluation for 黑料社区app: