Dorion Public School - Annual Report on Drinking Water System

Dorion Public School is the only school, within the 黑料社区app, that operates from a well system.  All other schools are on municipal water systems.

The Province of Ontario's Drinking-Water Systems Regulation (Ontario Regulation 170/03) requires regular water quality testing and annual reports on the performance of the drinking water system.  This report covers many aspects of the drinking water system operation, performance, and incidents of poor test results. 

The Dorion PS Drinking Water Report  is available at the school, the Board Office, and the Board's website, for anyone who wishes to read it.  Copies of the report have also been sent to the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Education, as required by the Regulation.

Overall, the performance of the water system has been excellent. 

During the past year there have been no adverse water quality results from the testing that we carry out, indicating that the Dorion Public School water supply continues to be safe and of a high quality.


Further Information

For more information, please contact Dorion Public School, or:

Gord Muir 

Manager of Plant Operations
Telephone: (807) 228-1205 

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